Weekly News Roundup

Weekly News Roundup: Room, Food, and iPhones

Today is Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon! That means I’m spending all day reading a bunch of awesome books. You can learn more about it by clicking on the image.


  • Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) wants the GOP to be the “iPhone party” and thinks it should emulate Apple because of its free market and open platform? I tried really hard to take this comment seriously (I did), but what? Does he not know that Apple regulates access to its marketplace and rejects products deemed “similar” to their own? Plus, Apple tracks everything users do, is expensive, has major security flaws, allegedly abuses its workers, escapes paying taxes by funneling money through foreign markets, and outsources jobs. Now let’s apply that to the American worker (or people as a whole) and think about whether this was a smart comment.

Imagine your government as your iPhone.

  • If you think that drunk people in bars and churchgoers should be packing heat, then Georgia might be the place for you because their new “guns everywhere” law allows just that. Because you know, going to church is just so dangerous and drunk people are so reasonable.




  • Last week, Mean Girls celebrated its 10th anniversary. Here’s an interesting article from Time Magazine about why  it’s not a comedy, but a mythology.
  • Nike has decided to bow out of the wearable fitness device market, which may mean good news for Apple. Interestingly, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook sits on the board at Nike, which I find curious because it seems unethical to sit on the board of a company who’s product you intend to directly compete with (in this case, the iWatch). Maybe that’s why Nike’s bowing out, maybe they’ll partner up, or maybe there’s nothing at all wrong with this, but at face value it raised a red flag for me.
Allison Hiltz
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Allison Hiltz
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    The Dexter video is the best. Did you know he was also on the Today Show?

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    Are you doing the 24 Hour Read-a-thon? If so, good luck to you. I will check back later to see how you’re doing!