GIVEAWAY: (3) Bookjigs Prize Packs

Good bookmarks are hard to find. The paper ones crinkle, the metal ones slide out too easily, and if you manage to find a good one then chances are you’ll lose it. These are the things I was pondering (and complaining about to my non-reader husband) when I left a local bookstore a few weeks ago without a bookmark for the upteenth time. I had just about resigned myself to a life of using receipts to hold my place when fate intervened in the form of Bookjigs.

Exactly one day after my fateful trip to the bookstore that ended in my disappointment, I received an email from Bookjigs by Franklin Mill asking me if I’d like to check out their bookmarks. I could barely conceal my excitement when I furiously typed my response that YES, I WANT THEM!

You see, Bookjigs aren’t just bookmarks. They are bookmarks that solve all of my problems! Not only are they gorgeous, but they clip to the book cover (or pages if the book is too thick) and you use the ribbon to hold your place (like some journals have). The result? You can keep your place and not have to worry about your bookmark falling out!

Bookjigs also offers other products, such as notebooks, journals, magnets, and notecards – and luckily for you they are going to give some away! They are kindly offering three prize packs and you can enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

1st place:

2 Bookmarks of choice + 1 notebook, journal, or notebook set of choice + 1 notecard set of choice

2nd place:

1 Bookmark of choice + 1 notebook, journal, or notebook set of choice

3rd place:

1 bookmark of choice + 1 magnet set of choice


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  1. Hannah Brocken says

    I ALWAYS loose my bookmarks so now I’ve just stopped using them. I have all these gorgeous bookmarks sitting on my shelf and my poor book as an old train ticket in it! These look gorgeous and would totally solve the bookmark problem!
    Ooo, this is a tough choice. I like the Sweet Sorrow one, but I also totally love the Elephant one! Great find! :)

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  2. says

    Ohh they are beautiful, I love that bookmars and I’ve taken a look at the notebooks and the web in general and everything is great!
    I suppose that the giveaway is only for the US, but if it is international, please let me know!

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