#ReadHachette – Supporting Hachette Authors

Support Hachette

The goal: To boost sales for Hachette Book Group authors who may be negatively impacted by HBG’s fight with retail giant, Amazon. 

#ReadHachette is an independent effort to show support for Hachette authors by sharing your favorite titles/authors on social media using the hashtag #ReadHachette. To learn more about what the campaign is and isn’t about, read the disclaimer.

The Book Wheel invites you to join in by doing any of the following (recommendations):

  • Tweet “My favorite Hachette book is…. #ReadHachette,”
  • Tweet “I #ReadHachette because….”
  • Post a photo of your current Hachette read on Instagram using #ReadHachette
  • Share your favorite title on Facebook.
  • …. Anything else you think of! 


Feel free to add in “via @thebookwheel and/or follow me!


Screen grab from Books-A-Million – Hachette authors include Donna Tartt, Malcom Gladwell, David Baldacci, James Patterson, Maria Semple, and Nicholas Sparks.

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  1. Mary C. says

    It’s not just about showing the authors some love, it’s about adult bullying. It’s not just a middle school problem. Re-negotiating is a part of doing business, but this appears to be unethical on the part of amazon.

  2. says

    Thanks for posting about this! I tweeted with the hashtag and will tweet again! Whenever I hear of a bookish friend buying a Kindle, I groan inwardly and want to shake the person.

  3. Anita says

    Great Support! Yes I read this nonsense. Something similar happened with BN and Random House a couple of years ago, I was working there, and the stores had very few of their books…it pissed me off so much!!
    Amazon is a big manipulative bully. Sorry.


  1. […] I have never been a fan of Amazon and what I perceive to be it’s predatory practices. It’s status as a bully has made headlines again this past week. In order to persuade Hachette Book Group to agree to unfavorable terms, Amazon ceased taking pre-orders for their books, delayed delivery times and stopped including Hachette books in its recommendation algorithm. As it has done with other publishers, Amazon is attempting to strong arm Hachette into an unfair deal. Allison at The Book Wheel has done an excellent job of outlining the problem and starting the hashta…. […]

  2. […] So my gal, Allison over at The Book Wheel, created something genius!  We’ve all been seeing the articles flying around about the dispute between Hachette Book Group and Amazon but haven’t done much.  Yesterday Allison posted an article and the hashtag #ReadHachette started trending!  Here’s more information about the campaign.  You can also click over to The Book Wheel to read the original post. […]

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