Lucinda Riley’s is a House Worth Entering

Lucinda Riley’s is a House Worth EnteringThe Orchid House by Lucinda Riley
Also by this author: The Girl on the Cliff
Published by Atria Books on February 14, 2012
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 449
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As an avid Kate Morton fan, I was thrilled to discover an author that was rumored to be similar in style. While I had previously heard the name Lucinda Riley, it wasn’t until this comparison was made that I took the time to find out what books she had written. Even then, I was wary. Morton has a way of weaving rich tales without leaving any loose ends (an amazing feat given what she undertakes) and I wasn’t sure Riley could pull it off. But now that I have finished my first book by her ( thanks to Apocalypse Mama for her giveaway), I can definitely say that a comparison to Morton is warranted.

I would be remiss if I didn’t compare this to House at Riverton because The Orchid House is about two families (one being the “help” that are inextricably linked to the same house, Wharton Park. But, from here I will draw no more comparisons because Riley’s novel is fully capable of standing on its own merit.

Like most good literary fiction, this one starts out slow as it acquaints the reader with the main characters. Fluctuating between generations, Riley does a great job of keeping the reader in the loop and clearly distinguishing between families and lineages (many authors take this for granted and it can detract from the value of the story). The first half of the book develops pretty steadily but loses steam in the second half when it switches its focus to a new character.

The second half seems a bit scattered. It is also very well-developed, but I get the feeling that Riley enjoyed her characters a bit more in the first half. There aren’t any loose ends, per se, but the writing fell a little flat and was missing the spark that drove the first half.¬†Despite this, the book was wonderful. It is a testament to the intricate storyline and the amazing unraveling of the story itself that even the flat writing in the second half is easily overlooked. If you are looking for a book that you can curl up by the fireplace with this winter, then I definitely recommend this book!

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  1. says

    Hey, I’m totally delayed with commenting here, but I am about to read The Lavender Garden by Riley and was browsing her other work on goodreads. Saw you read this and had to come check out your review. I’ve also seen the Kate Morton comparisons and because I read The House at Riverton, I think I might enjoy this.

    Will see how I feel about The Lavender Garden, if I like her writing, I might just pick up this one :)

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  2. Vicky says

    I’ve recently discovered both Morton and Riley authors and love them both. As you could see thestyle similarity on them, can you recommend me other authors of the kind? Would be great.Thank you!!!

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